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How to Select a Stunning Color Palette for your Event

You are excited about working with an Event Planner or Designer for your next event so you can actually enjoy hosting an event for a change instead of doing all the work, and your planner asks "So what is your Theme or Color Palette""? And you draw a total blank. You know that you want something Stunning and Gorgeous and that you do not want the same typical color combination but get no further than that.


First it is an absolute must to identify two or three items for inspiration. It can be the print of your favorite blouse, or the colors in the accent picture that hangs in your bedroom that always brings a smile to your face or snap a pic of a bouquet that you love.

Secondly you take notice and identify all of the colors in your inspiration piece.

Thirdly pay attention to the colors that contrast yet together harmoniously and select two complimentary shades of the same color family, a contrasting color of the same hue and family and then for your final contrast select a color that is a bold and different contrast from the other three colors.

And there you have it, your unique, refreshing and non-cookie cutter palette for your event or wedding. Be confident in your color selection and when presenting it to your Event Planner or Designer she will be delighted that you have saved her some work and more importantly appreciative of the opportunity to be more creative and original in her Design and Decor concept that she creates for you.

Be sure to download our Color Palette Guide for inspiration for your Stunning Color Palette and if you get stuck their and need some professional help and this time want to show up at our event Flawless and stay Flawless then book a consultation with us today. CLICK HERE TO BOOK


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