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murder mystery






 an Af-Am Themed


Hosting a private Af-Am themed murder mystery party in Atlanta is the ultimate way to make sure your upcoming event is the talked about about social event. This is the type of party that everyone is guaranteed to remember for years to come.


In a Murder Mystery Party each guest is involved in the investigation of a thrilling yet hilarious case.  All you have to do is supply the guests, and we’ll turn them into a group of questionably suspsious suspects and private detectives for the evening.

Almost any kind of event can be turned into one of our Af-Am themed Murder Mystery event here in Atlanta. Our Murder Msytery parties are recommend for special events such as birthdays, holiday parties, baby showers and are also the perfect option for any upcoming corporate events, like team building days, recognition dinners, and just about any other event you are planning.

whyAf-Am Themed?

When I hosted my first Murder Mystery Party it was a Harlem Nights Themed Murder Mystery and I scoured the internet and all of the Murder Mystery Game websites.


While I found cool variations of the popular Murder Mystery Game themes they were all very White, so I purchased a Mystery game and used it to create my own my Harlem Nights themed Murder Mystery Game.


That is when I came up with the idea to create a series of games Af-Am themed Murder Mystery games based on iconic Black Films and TV shows and Af-Am Themed Murder Mystery Parties emerged

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