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Birthday, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Retirement, Anniversary

 Above and Beyond Gorgeous Package

Full Service Styling and Design | Up to 100 Guests | Starting at $4500


Above and Beyond  Consulting

  • One Hour Theme Selection Consultation

  • Full Customized Themed Event with Personalized Branding

  • Set-Up & Breakdown


Above and Beyond  Guests Table Settings

  • Specialty Linen Tablecloths for All Table

  • Specialty Table Runners or Overlays 

  • Specialty Glass Charger Plates

  • Specialty Chairs or Chiavari Chairs 

  • Linen Napkins

  • Luxury Centerpieces: Chandeliers | Crystals | Candles | Themed Decor

  • Fresh Floral Arrangements


Above and Beyond  Decor Features

  • Entrance Drapery

  • Gift Table w Specialty Linens

  • Themed Card Box 

  • Full Room Up-Lighting 

  • Wall Monogram  |  Balloon Decor Options

  • Draped Backdrop: Dessert Table | Head Table Options

  • Head Table Decor w Specialty Linens 

  • Draped Canopy 

  • Two Thrones  Chairs  | Throne Sofa Options

  • Customized Themed Menus  | Themed Thank You Notes

  • Customized Themed Digital Invitations for Guests

  • DJ (3 hours)


Above and Beyond  Food Decor

  • Food Table w Linens

  • 2-3 Tier Customized Themed Cake 

  • Custom Themed Dessert Station

    • Four  Dozen of Themed Custom Desserts

    • Two Dozen Themed Cupcakes

    • Three  Apothecary Candy Jar Styles

    • Bling Candy Scoops

    • Themed Dessert Trays

    • Luxury Table Linens

    • Themed Dessert Labels

    • Above and Beyond  Themed Table Decor 


Extra Lavish Add-Ons

  • Ceiling Drapery | Ceiling Florals

  • White Acrylic Floor | LED Dance Floor

  • Fireworks | Sparklers

  • Entrance Smoke

  • Ice Sculpture| Fruit Spread | Party Favors 

  • Full Room Drapery  | Flower Wall

  • Custom Designed Themed Printed Invitations


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Harlem Nights Murder Mystery Party Desse

1st Birthday, Themed Birthday, SuperHero Birthday, Spy Party

GbDKids Awesomely Styled

Full Service Event Styling and Design | Up to 50 Guests | Starting at $1600


AWESOME GbD Kids Party Consulting

  • One Hour Theme Selection Consultation

  • Fully Customized Themed Event with Personalized Branding

  • Set-Up & Breakdown

AWESOME GbD Kids Party Guest Table Settings

  • Specialty Themed Linen Tablecloths 

  • Themed Table Runners or Overlays

  • Balloon or Themed Centerpieces

  • Chair Slipcovers w Themed Bands

  • Themed Plates 

  • Linen Napkins 

AWESOME GbD Kids Party Decor Features

  • Gift Table w Themed Specialty Linen

  • Balloon Decor: Character Balloons | Organic Arch  | Balloon Columns

  • Themed or Draped Backdrop

  • Customized Themed Table  Menus | Themed Thank You Notes

  • Themed Welcome Sign  

  • Kid Themed Chair or Throne 

  • Specialty Clear Acrylic Table

AWESOME GbD Kids Party Food Decor

  • Food Table Linen

  • Themed or Draped Backdrop

  • Themed Dessert Station

    • Two Dozen Custom Desserts

    • Three Additional Themed Desserts

    • Three Types of Themed Candy

    • Three Apothecary Jar Styles

    • Bling Candy Scoops

    • Themed Dessert Trays

    • Themed Table Linen

    • Awesome GbD Kids Themed Decor 

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nyala cake
Spy Party

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